"…the history of jazz is littered with amazing trios, the list is far too long to mention however, one thing for sure, this album proves that the Spiral Trio should take their rightful place on this list."  Jan Veldman, jazzineurope.com

Spiral Trio

A modern jazz piano trio based in Athens, Greece. Working together for almost a decade, Spiral Trio have performed in festivals and clubs throughout Greece and Europe,and published two albums, the most recent being "Broken Blue" by Odradek Records (2022). 

Spiral Trio

The trio's debut album, released by ANKh Music Productions

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To buy your physical copy of "Broken Blue" please send an email here.

To buy your physical copy of "Spiral Trio" please send an email here.

NEW ALBUM Broken Blue - out on Apr 22!

The trio's latest album released by Odradek Records.

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Broken Blue is a modern jazz album. We understand modern jazz as an approach to jazz improvisation characterised by abstraction, lack of figuration, asymmetry, dominance of the subjective element in the management of musical images and constant and intense interaction between the soloist and the accompanying musicians.    Read more >>>


Spiral Trio "Broken Blue" 

October 20, 2022

Half Note Jazz Club, Athens, GR

Spiral Trio w Guests

November 6, 2022

Jazzét Cafe, Athens, GR